Millionaire Thoughts - Get Lottery: Is it Luck or Regulation of Attraction?

It is time to stop being so serious and have absolutely a great time with the
universal Law of Attraction, also called the Law of Belief.
In simple words, this Law states that "you get what exactly
you believe", "it is finished unio you because you believe", "be it done
unto you in line with your faith", "your deeply held beliefs
are materializing your reality"."you materialize on all planes
the subconscious beliefs kept in your subconscious mind".
Let's determine if we are able to share some light within this Law and winning
the Lottery.
(1) Some state there isn't any such thing as LUCK. That is their
BELIEF. These people haven't any luck in any respect.
(2) Others keep repeating this sentence preached by so many
gurus and for that reason called experts: "Luck would be the intersection of
preparation and opportunity". These are the ones who would like to
impress individuals with the HARD WORK they NEED to perform
to get their dreams. They glorify working
real hard, struggling against all odds, and that NONSENSE.
They just do not know much better. The idea of things being EASY
and even FUN never crosses their marbles. Their BELIEf is
that they have to work real hard for anything they achieve.
(3) Then, you will find those people who are simply LUCKY. They keep
winning in contests, bingo games, raffles. They always get
parking spaces directly in front in the places they wish to visit.
Happy events keep materializing into their lives without them
really coming to a efforts whatsoever. People who know them
keep commenting about how LUCKY they may be. That reinforces their
beliefs that they can be LUCKY. And they keep getting LUCKIER by
the morning.
If you analyze those three examples, every one has ONE
common factor: BELIEF.
The first group BELIEVES there isn't any such thing as LUCK.
And that's what exactly they get: NO luck.
The second group BELIEVES that by preparing themselves
opportunities will be. They prepare themselves because
they BELIEVE opportunities can look to individuals who are ready
and prepared. And these opportunities DO appear as they
The third group BELIEVES these are lucky. Therefore, they
BELIEVE positive things afflict every one of them enough time. And they
do happen since that's what they bELIEVE..
Interesting, these are all getting results in accordance with their BELIEFS.
That looks TOO MUCH such as the universal Law of Attraction,
often known as the Law of Belief, at the office -- giving each group
what each group BELIEVES.
Changing focus a tad, it is a true story in regards to a fellow I know.
I caught him once sitting in front of his Tv checking the winning
lottery numbers. He kept always nevertheless yet make
millions winning the Lottery.
A friend of his decided to obtain some lighter moments and asked him "John,
I always hear you saying you will find only three ways to generate lots
of income. Refresh my head. What are they?"
John replied, "You will make lots of greenbacks by (1) inheritance, (2)
havingyour own family based business, and (3) committing to property, stock
market or commodities. Thre isn't any other way.".
His friend laughed making it these comment, "Then,
why would you waste your time and energy and cash playing the lottery?
You BELIEVE you will discover only three ways of developing plenty of
money as well as the lottery is certainly NOT one of them. You'll
NEVER win".
John gasped and said "My God, you happen to be right".
John was wanting to achieve something his very own BELIEF does
NOT allow him to just accept..
Based on which you read until now, you'll find two prerequisites to
make use of the Law of attraction i order to win the lottery: (1) BELIEF
that that you are super LUCKY and (2) total and finished BELIEF
that you'll win, besides partial belief.
There are numerous who constantly 'poo-poo' the thinking behind playing
the lottery. These people do NOT understand the Law of
Attraction. They also provide very limiting beliefs that this ONLY
way to attain goals (like making lots of income) is ONLY
through working hard, making plenty of sacrifices, working really
hard, extended stays, fighting against a lot of odds, a lot of
You could consider looking at playing the lottery as just another type of
investment. Think of real-estate, currency markets, commodities
and lotteries as simply various kinds of INVESTMENTS.
Because it is exactly what the lottery is:: the next way ofinvesting your hard earned money and time. This investment takes
little or no knowledge and time, and also you could easily get a huge
rate of return the EASY and FUN way.
IF you totally and completely BELIEVE you'll win, you
SHALL. Otherwise, the universal Law of Attraction
(= Law of Belief) does NOT work or has exceptions.
The ONLY roadblock is at DEVELOPING the total, total
and absolute BELIEF that that you are likely to win.
Now, let's wait and watch what can be done to fully and completely
BELIEVE you shall win.
All your beliefs, values and rules has to be aligned and there
have to be NO conflict most notable.
In all lotteries, mention is finished from the ODDS of winning. It
is 1:35,000,000 or 1: 50,000,00, therefore on. The truth is
that there exists merely a 50/50. You either win otherwise you tend not to win.
There isn't other result. As long since you believe you will find
ODDS you must handle, then, you do NOT believe 100%.
if you happen to be gonna utilize lottery as another INVESTMENT,
keep in mind your beliefs concerning this and then conflicting beliefs,
values and rules you may have.
Let me provide you with a few examples which means that your job will probably be easier.
You almost certainly MUST come to get the whole, total and
absolute belief you shall win.
But, maybe you have all kinds of conflicting beliefs. Examples
- it can be real hard to generate money
- it can be better to present rather than to receive
- I am not lucky
- I was never lucky
- I never win/won anything
- The odds against me winning are so high
- I trust the odds
- it can be very tough to win the lottery
- If I win, I will be forced to pay a great deal of taxes
- If I win, I will lose my privacy
- If i win, a lot of people ask me for money
- If I win, my loved ones members can be kidnapped for ransom
- If I win, I will probably be instructed to figure out how to manage money
- If I win, (write here your own personal beliefs)
You also can also provide conflict of values/rules:
- Money is not too imperative that you me (you may never win if
you think that way)
- I'd prefer to be honest that rich
- Money isn't everything
- Rich individuals are dishonest and mean
- If I win, I will become like those crooked rich people
- Having lots of income is evil
- Easy money is NO good
- Easy money doesn't have value (Easy comes, easy goes0
- Only spending so much time to produce money has merit
- Getting money using the easy way doesn't have any merit
- If something comes bola too very easy to me, it doesn't have a value
I am certain you will find more examples in your life.
Most folks who buy lottery tickets with the HOPE (not
certainty) of winning, have their marbles filled up with all sorts
of conflicting beliefs, values and rules -- just like the ones
To take part in the lottery and win, your livelihood would be to:
a) LEARN strategies to identify, and eliminate your entire
limiting, conflicting beliefs, values and rules.
b) Identify and eliminate as much of the limiting,
conflicting beliefs, values and rules as you possibly can.
c) LEARN the processes to 'program/imprint' into your
Subconscious mind the new empowering beliefs,
values and rules that lets one to win.
d) You must arrive at that invest the mind that there may be
NO doubt whatsoever you shall win.
What are SOME in the useful, positive, supporting beliefs
you'll need?
(1) You are super lucky
(2) It is real easy for you to generate money
(3) Being able to use your brain to ATTRACT and MAKE
money the simple way has more merit than doing it
through work
(4) It is real easy for one to win the lottery
(5) Winning the lottery is only a a few belief
(6) You totally, completely and absolutely BELIEVE you
are planning to win.
In a nutshell, YOUR challenge would be to (1) identify and eliminate
your conflicting beliefs, values and rules, and (2) believe
you might be super lucky and (3) believe 100% which you shall win.
To keep, repeat again and again to yourself,
all through manufactured, these instructions:
"I am a winner"
"I am super lucky"
"It is real simple and easy , fun will win the lottery"
" I win the jackpot. I win the jackpot. I win the jackpot"
Repeat them repeatedly because you walk, take
a shower, drive, watch TV, eat your lunch. Let it become
part in the beliefs locked in your Subconscious mind.
If you are free to that invest your thoughts in places you absolutely
BELIEVE that you are planning to win the large jackpot, you should win.
Otherwise, the universal Law of Attraction, often known as
the Law of Belief, does NOT work or has exceptions.
Since the Law of Attraction appears to be an ABSOLUTE,
then winning the lottery is NOT a couple of Luck OR Law.
It is really a couple of "Luck AND Law"!
I am not telling you to definitely quit your jobs, stop all of your
current investments and initiate INVESTING your rime and funds only about the lottery. But ... being the lottery merely another avenue, one other way the Universe must deliver riches and wealth,
why n't have fun from it? The MORE fun something is, the MORE
you usually achieve from it.
May your NEW investment show to be very profitable.
And for heaven's sake, have FUN in the procedure.
= = = = = = = = = =

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